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Chris Snowden

Hello, I'm Chris Snowden, a Shopify developer with over four years of experience specializing in Shopify development. My expertise spans from custom Shopify store development, Performance Optimization, Dropshipping Development, and expert Admin support. I collaborate with UI/UX designers and partner with SEO and CRO specialists to deliver a complete suite of services aimed at maximizing your online store's performance and sales.

How I can help you

Whether you need a custom Shopify store, theme customization, app integration, or a dropshipping store setup, I provide comprehensive Shopify development services to ensure your online store stands out. I specialize in creating tailored solutions that enhance functionality and user experience, turning your vision into a successful e-commerce platform.

Dear Potential Clients,

Experienced Shopify Users

Experienced Shopify Users

  • We specialize in supporting experienced and profitable store owners, agencies, and specialists such as SEO, CRO, marketing, and designers.
  • If you're looking to develop or customize your Shopify store with precision, we're here to provide the extra hands or expertise you need.
  • Our built-in project management system ensures easy tracking and management of your projects, giving you peace of mind.
  • Count on us for reliable assistance in building, customizing, or troubleshooting your Shopify store, ensuring quality results delivered promptly.
New or Uncertain Store Owners

New or Uncertain Store Owners

  • We advise against purchasing our Shopify development services if you are new to online business or unsure about the next steps.
  • Our development services are designed for those who already understand business fundamentals and are prepared to invest in their store's growth.
  • Those with knowledge of SEO, marketing, lead generation, and influencer engagement will derive the most value from our services.
  • For those who lack this understanding, we recommend taking advantage of our free consultations to gather information and begin building your store strategically.
  • If you need assistance with Shopify admin and store setup, we offer support at $50/hr.
  • However, if you are new to Shopify and online business, hiring someone from a more budget-friendly freelance service such as Upwork might be more suitable.


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